Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I hope i find you all well on this new years eve.this time of the year just seems to be coming around faster and faster or is it just me getting older.i would just like to thank you for checking out this little blog .here's too another of great year of music from the free and legal scene.i wish you all a great and happy new year.

Friday, 27 December 2013


DOUBLESTONE are one of our fav bands around here.this there third release is a top class hard rock /metal / stoner masterpiece.this is an out and out classic 5 STAR ALBUM.nothing else needs to be said.you need to check this one out.listen and enjoy.
DOWNLOAD : http://doublestone.bandcamp.com/


How are you all doing out there,i hope you all had a great christmas and a very happy one.as i said before the month of dec does be a very busy month as you can see by the lack of posts for this month.from jan we will be back to normal.i would also just like to thank everybody who takes time out to check out our little blog.thanks again
                          moving on we have a four piece instrumental band from my home town dublin.this is there second e.p PAL MAGNET and it was released nov 2013.if you like a bit of electronic / experimental rock / post rock then this is for you .this e.p has been getting a lot of plays around here.the four tracks on this are just top class.check this out.listen and enjoy.
DOWNLOAD : http://alarmist.bandcamp.com/album/pal-magnet-ep

Sunday, 15 December 2013


How are you all doing out there.just to let you know this blog is still very much alive.sorry for the lack of posts this month.this month is always a mad and busy one and we will try to get a post or two up.we will be back to normal in jan.here for your listening enjoyment is the latest comp from NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION MAG.it was released oct 2013 and it has 14 tracks on it.if you like some electronic / indie / post rock or if you just like finding new music then check this out.listen and enjoy .
DOWNLOAD : http://nothingbuthopeandpassion.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-but-melancholia