Monday, 18 March 2013


Dublin death metal band WOUND UPON WOUND released this there debut album in july 2012.i would not be a huge death metal fan but this 7 track hooked me in right from the first track to the call then just a death metal band is not fair on them because they have big mixture of black / death /doom /progressive metal going on that makes the sound of this album so good.check out tracks like AS THE WAVES DRAW CLOSER and EVERY TONGNE SHALL CONFESS .theband have been together since 2008 and it shows in how tight there music is.this has to be one of the best death metal albums i have hear in a long while.the future for wound upon wound looks very bright.this is a killer album and i would say as a live band they would rip your head clear off.check this one out.listen and enjoy.

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