Friday, 12 April 2013


Good evening to you all in web land.this one i have been waiting for,the new album from WASTED THEORY called GODSPEED.back when i first posted a review of there first album CINCO DECHADO DE CANCION.i raved about how great the album was and that the album and band became one of my fav's and still with that in mind i was a bit worryed about  there second album.could it be as good as there debut and the answer is no because this is so much BETTER.the band have upped a gear for this one.i dont know how the hell they done it but this is another heavy rock / stoner classic.from the thunder of WIDOWMAKER.which to my ears is a future classic to other tracks like TAKETH AWAY and UNHINGEDare rock monsters.the whole album just works so well together.this is a 5 STAR classic from the lads.the big league is only around the corner for WASTED have to check them out.listen and enjoy.

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