Friday, 11 April 2014


I hope you are all well out there.what we have here for you is a groove metal / stoner band from germany called INTO THE WILD and they have released a 9 track album called RESTLESS feb 2014.this album has 9 top class songs which are very catchy and stay rocking around your head.the lead sinser has vocals to die for and there is some fine riffs going on and with the rhythm section everything just gels together and you have the complete package.check out songs like OWNERS OF PLANETS , ERUPTION and RESTLESS hear what i am wonder they have played with some big league bands such as AIRBOURNE and SEPULTURA.the big league is calling lads and you are going to be in every metal fan's collection very album 5 STARS you need INTO THE WILD in your life.check them out. listen and enjoy


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