Monday, 8 August 2016


Power Popsicle Brain Freeze cover art

 how are you all out there.i hope you are all well.i know its been a while since i last blogged .time just seems to fly these days.i hope to be up dating this blog at least once a week from now on.well that the plan for now.ok now i think its time for some you know this blog is all about linking you to the best free and legal music on the what do we have you today.a new comp from the great ice cream man power pop and more records.this is there third comp called POWER POPSICLE BRAIN FREEZE a great title by the has 139 tracks on it .there are lots of great tracks on this comp for you to enjoy.if you like some power pop in your life then check this release out.thanks mr ice cream man. you know how to put together a great comp.this is one comp you need to have in your listen and enjoy.


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