Friday, 14 June 2013


I hope you are all well this evening and are all looking forward to a good weekend.what i have here for you today is some great punk rock for you to hear.GRIN AND BEAR IT come from essex england.there first e.p was released july 2012 and called EX-LOVERS.the e.p has 3 great tracks on it.there sound is a mix of punk/hardcore/metal and its played loud and noisey and i love the vocal it suits there style to a tee.check out ROCK AND ROLE MODEL.there second e.p was released dec 2012 and is called NEW LOWS.some more fine punk on this.again it has 3 tracks on it. my fav on this e.p is the 7 minute plus ACADEMY FIELDS which to me is there best song yet.the final release so far from GRIN AND BEAR IT is the 1 track single they released march 2013 called SLEEPWALKERS MARATHON.this is an other great little punk song.if punk is your thing and you like it noisey and loud then GRIN AND BEAR IT are the band you need to check out.i will be keeping an eye on this band and i can't wait to hear some more new stuff from them very soon .check them out.listen and enjoy.

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