Friday, 21 June 2013


Good evening to you all i hope you are all well and looking forward to the its been a while since i posted a bit of jazz up here on the blog.i would not know a hell of a lot about jazz but i do know when i hear something that is good and enjoy listening to it.when i was looking for some good music on the nett as always i came across this album.its a tribute to the late great NICK DRAKE.what the JASON PARKER QUARTET done was to cover the whole of nick's five leaves left what we get here is 10 beautiful jazz reworkings of nicks great songs.if i am to be honest i was not sure if this was going to work over the whole album but it does.each song runs so well in too each other.the bands playing and the vocals on this album are just top can hear how hard the band worked to get every song sounding right.check out such tracks as RIVER MAN and WAY TO BLUE to hear what i don't need to be a jazz fan to enjoy need to check this album out.listen and enjoy.

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