Sunday, 4 August 2013


Ok here is another great e.p for your listening enjoyment.this is DUFFY'S CUT  and there debut album was released march 2013.the band come from philadelhia.i dont know what it is about this 7 track album that has me hooked in.i just love the over all sound of it.there's garage rock / punk / hints of soul /blues everything is just mixed up together and it all gels and works so well.i love the vocals and the band know how to play.just play the whole album from the start to the end and if you are like me you will just put it back on again and again.this is top class stuff and hopefully we will be hearing a lot more from DUFFY'S CAT.this is one you should check out.i would love to hear what you think of this album so if you want leave a the way if you are in a band or solo and if you have released free and legal please email  us.if you are a music fan like us and have found some good free and legal music.please email us and let us know and we can check it us at to DUFFY'S CAT as i said i love this album and this is one of my fav's of the year.thats how good i think this is.listen and enjoy.

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