Tuesday, 13 August 2013


This is the debut e.p from dublin man STU DALY.its a 5 track e,p called HERITAGE and was released april 2013.thats the easy part done because i don't know what to say about this e.p.this shows that STU DALY is gong to be a very very big star of the music world.thats how much i love this e.p. every track on this is top class from the music to the song writing to the vocals that are extra special.the lead track off the e.p THE LANDING LIGHT should be played every hour on the radio.this is my fav debut of the year and i can say that know because i know i won't hear anything to come close to this.on this blog i dont give many 5 stars but this one gets 6STARS that how good i think this is.STU DALY has a very big future to come.check it out.listen and enjoy.
DOWNLOAD : http://studaly.bandcamp.com/

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